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Politecnico di Milano

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32 - 20133 - Milano

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Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering Research Area addresses the strategies, methodologies and techniques for planning, design, modelling, construction, operation, maintenance, processing and disposal of industrial plants, infrastructures and production systems of goods and services. Particular focus is devoted to the aspects of innovation, competitiveness, value analysis, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability through a systemic view of the corresponding technological, organizational, managerial and economic factors at factory and company level. The final goal of the research is the development of new or improved solutions in the design and/or management of production and service systems. Theoretical models, methodologies and ICT tools are developed and applied and experimented in laboratory or in real application cases. A tight relationship with companies from the industrial and service sectors is at the foundation of research activity, which is developed in collaboration with scientific and industrial partners at both national and international level. Research is supported by the use of various tools, including case studies, mathematical modeling, simulation techniques and laboratory activities.

Research Topics

  • Analysis and design of systems for the production of goods and services, also including feasibility studies, operational availability analysis, environmental impact assessment, economic valuation and investment risks.
  • Project management, also including conceptual and strategic project configuration, time and cost management, project risk management and project procurement, particularly focusing on the peculiarities of large and mega projects in the energy, oil & gas and infrastructure sectors.
  • Study of industrial processes, also including production technology, energy systems and general plant services, based on criteria of innovation, environmental sustainability and technical-economic optimization.
  • Technical Ergonomics and System Safety Engineering, also including Human Reliability Analysis, organizational and human factors analysis, vulnerability and interdependency analysis of critical infrastructures.
  • Operations management for production and services, also including lean management, quality management, safety and ergonomics in the workplace, energy and the environment, compliance management, risk management and customer service.
  • Life cycle management of products and production systems, also including management of processes and systems for product/process development, lean product development, integration with supply chain design, lifecycle cost/assessment techniques and of end of life analysis.
  • Maintenance management of production systems and infrastructures , also including facility management and global service.
  • Design and management of logistics systems / supply chain of goods and services, also including traceability, purchasing, distribution networks, post-sales service and reverse logistics.
  • Modeling processes and production / logistics systems, also including service delivery processes and logistic / transportation networks.
  • ICT for manufacturing, operations and supply chain management, also including management and control logic, production / logistics information systems and Internet of Things applications.


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