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Research Lines

Research Lines are described below in terms of relevance of the problems addressed, research approaches used and main topics dealt with.

Manufacturing for industrial leadership - developing technology, strategies and organization to foster europe’s welfare through a new centrality of manufacturing
Supply chain management for sustainable and global business - developing competitive and sustainable supply chains for a better society
Risk governance and business resilience - how to cope with complexity and uncertainty in systems and organizations
Managing ict for business, industry, government and society - levering on information and communication technologies for more competitive companies, better public services and a more sustainable and inclusive society
Energy management, policy and economics - applied and advisory research towards more secure, clean and efficient energy
Public service innovation - institutional and organizational changes for a better society and a more competitive economy
Health care management - models, tools and policies for improving the sustainability, efficiency and safety of healthcare organizations and their clinical outcomes
Open and collaborative innovation - how to manage strategy, organization, technologies and communities to increase innovation propensity in companies through open and collaborative innovation
High-growth entrepreneurial ventures and smes - how to manage, finance and promote the creation of entrepreneurial ventures and the innovation of high-growth smes
Fostering competitiveness of national and local systems - promoting the competitiveness of national and local systems through internationalization and innovation


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