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Politecnico di Milano

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32 - 20133 - Milano

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Research at DIG Politecnico di Milano has the challenging goal of contributing to the development and dissemination of knowledge, managerial and engineering paradigms, technologies and policies to answer key societal challenges, in particular:

  • foster renewed competitiveness of Italian and European economic systems through competitiveness of local systems and companies;
  • increase the attractiveness of Italy for Foreign Direct Investments and economic activities, excellent human resources and high-potential talent and financial flows;
  • improve social well being for citizens, customers and workers.

DIG research is aimed at producing excellent science in these fields though a particular research approach characterized by:

  • multidisciplinarity
  • multiple methodologies
  • leveraging on networks

At the same time, research at DIG aims at contributing to the creation of a better and more inclusive society and at promoting improvement of the well-being of people through better and safer products, services, workplaces and environment.

Research at DIG is described in terms of Research areas and Research lines.

  • Research areas refer to disciplinary competences developed over the years at DIG in the three broad fields of Management, Applied Economics and Industrial Engineering.
  • Research lines comprise multidisciplinary research activities representing the future research strategies of the Department by addressing significant emerging issues and challenges.

A concern common to most of the research fields at DIG is to propose business models, industrial solutions, strategies, technologies and policies to foster sustainable development of companies, industrial systems and societies by overcoming performance trade-offs among the three pillars of environment, society, and economy. Finally, all research lines share the emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship and advanced use of technology as key drivers for competitiveness and industrial leadership.


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