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Politecnico di Milano

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32 - 20133 - Milano

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Associate Professor, School of Management, Politecnico di Milano

Director of the Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at MIP School of Management.

In person: Office 3.05, Building BL26, Via R. Lambruschini 4b, Milan, ITALY.

Areas of specialization: science, creativity, mobility of the highly-skilled human capital, crowd science, crowdfunding, IPRs.

Executive and M.S. teaching Forecasting the adoption of radically new products; Intellectual Property Rights; patent intelligence; high-tech start-ups.

B.E. teaching Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale (TEL)


Current Projects

Crowd Science (with H. Sauermann). Crowd and citizens science are new ways to organize scientific projects that makes use of volunteers (citizen scientists, gamers, hobbyists) and discloses logs and intermediate knowledge. In a recent paper we defined and analyzed Crowd Science. In a follow-up study just published in PNAS we analyzed the patterns of participation to a set of projects, with a focus on assessing their monetary value and discussing distribution of effort and dropout. Several results would be applicable more generally to all kinds of crowd interactions, beyond the realm of science.

Crowdfunding (with C. Rossi-Lamastra and M.G. Colombo). In study recently published in Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice we find evidence that the social capital that proponents build internally to the crowdfunding community is critical for raising interest during the early days of a funding campaign, and for leveraging capital later on. A related finding shows that the reward types that allow a donor to be part of the developer community turn-out to be more useful than any other type of reward. Those that give contributors peer-to-peer recognition seem to be ineffective or nearly so. We are currently exploring the role of status and celebrity in croedfunding, as well as the ethical stances associated to projects.

Global Science (GlobSci) (with G. Scellato and P. Stephan). We have accomplished and analyzed a large data collection (19 thousand responses) from scientists in 16 countries and 4 fields of science. Statistics on the international composition of the workforce in the 16 countries were published in Nature Biotechnology. In a second paper appeared in Economic Letters, we showed evidence that the foreign-born perform at a higher level compared to the domestic scientists and the performance differential is robust to instrumenting for selection into migration (by means of migration in childhood). In a paper recently published in Research Policy we found that mobile scientists are more inclined to establish international networks. A sizable share of foreign born collaborate with researchers located in their country of origin and migrants are also likely to collaborate with individuals from their home country who are working or studying in a third country (diaspora effect). Evidence on the competition of countries to attract international PhD and post-doc students has been analyzed in a forthcoming article in ICC. We are currently studying the implications of the ethnic composition of research teams on scientific performance.


Articles in academic journals

- Stephan, Paula, Franzoni, Chiara and Giuseppe, Scellato. Global Competition for Scientific Talent:  Evidence from Location Decisions of PhDs and Postdocs in 16 Countries. Industrial and Corporate Change, doi.10.1093/icc/dtv037. [paper]

- Colombo M.G., Franzoni C. and Cristina, Rossi-Lamastra C. Cash From the Crowd. Science. June 12, 2015, 348(6240): 1201. [paper]

- Sauermann, Henry, and Chiara, Franzoni. Crowd Science User Contribution Patterns And Their Implications. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), 112(3):679-684, 2015. [paper].

- Colombo, Massimo G.; Franzoni, Chiara, and Cristina, Rossi-Lamastra. Internal Social Capital and the Attraction of Early Contributions in Crowdfunding. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, January 2015, 39(1):75-100. DOI:10.1111/etap.12118. [paper]

- Scellato, Giuseppe; Franzoni, Chiara, and Paula, Staphan. Migrant Scientists and International Networks. Research Policy, 2015, 44(1):108-120. [paper]

- Colombo, Massimo G., Franzoni, Chiara, and Reinhilde, Veugelers. Going Radical: Producing and Transferring Disruptive Innovation. Journal of Technology Transfer, 2015, 40:663-669. DOI:10.1007/s10961-014-9361-z. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara, Scellato, Giuseppe, and Paula, Stephan. The Mover's Advantage: The Superior Performance of Migrant Scientists. Economics Letters, 122:89–93, 2014. [paper]

- Mohammadi, Ali, and Chiara, Franzoni. Inventor's Knowledge Set as the Antecedent of Patent Value. Industry & Innovation, 21(1):65-87, 2014. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara, and Henry, Sauermann. Crowd Science: The Organization of Scientific Research in Open Collaborative Projects. Research Policy, 43(1):1-20, 2014. [paper open access]

- Forti, Enrico, Franzoni, Chiara, and Maurizio, Sobrero. Bridges or Isolates? Investigating Social Networks of Academic Inventors. Research Policy, 42(8):1378-1388, 2013. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara, Scellato, Giuseppe, and Paula, Stephan. Foreign Born Scientists:  Mobility Patterns for Sixteen Countries. Nature Biotechnology, 30(12):1250-1253, 2012. [paper]  

- Franzoni, Chiara, Scellato, Giuseppe, and Paula, Stephan. Changing Incentives to Publish. Science, August 5 2011, 333, 702. [publisher] [article reprint]

- Antonelli, Cristiano, Franzoni, Chiara, and Aldo, Geuna. The Organisation, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research. What do we know and what we don’t. Industrial and Corporate Change, 20(1):201-213, 2011. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara, and Giuseppe, Scellato. The grace period in international patent law and its effects on the timing of disclosure. Research Policy, 39:200-213, 2010. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara, Simpkins, Christopher L.; Baoli, Li, and Ashwin, Ram. Using Content Analysis to Investigate the Research Paths Chosen by Scientists Over Time, Scientometrics, 83(1):321-335, 2010. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara. Do Scientists Get Fundamental Research Ideas by Solving Practical Problems?, Industrial and Corporate Change, 18:671-699, 2009. Emerald Citation of Excellence 2009. [preprint]

- Calderini, Mario, Franzoni, Chiara, and Andrea, Vezzulli. The Unequal Benefits of Academic Patenting for Science and Engineering Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 56(1):16-30, 2009. [paper]

- Franzoni, Chiara. Opportunity recognition in technology transfer organizations. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 3(1):51-67, 2007. [paper]

- Calderini, Mario, Franzoni, Chiara, and Andrea, Vezzulli. If Star Scientists Do Not Patent. The Effect of Productivity, Basicness and Impact on the Decision to Patent in the Academic World, Research Policy, 36(3):303-319, 2007. [paper]


Working papers

- Sauermann, Henry, and Chiara, Franzoni. Participation dynamics in crowd-based knowledge production: The scope and sustainability of interest-based motivation. [ssrn working paper]. Winner of the 2014 DRUID Conference Best Paper Award.

- Buttice', Vincenzo, Colombo, Massimo G; Franzoni, Chiara, and Cristina, Rossi-Lamastra. The Birdman Effect: High Status Backfire with Heterogeneous Audiences

- Franzoni, Chiara, and Cristina, Rossi-Lamastra. Ethical consumerism in the co-creation and co-financing era. Evidence from crowdfunded projects.

- Franzoni, Chiara, and Cristina, Rossi-Lamastra. Academic tenure and the diversification of research themes by scientists: Evidence from a new methodology.


Chapters of edited books

- Franzoni, Chiara, Scellato, Giuseppe and Paula, Stephan, International Mobility of Research Scientists: Lessons from GlobSci. in Geuna A. (Ed.). Global Mobility of Research Scientists. The Economics of Who Goes Where and Why. Academic Press, 2015. Chapter 2, pp. 37-67.

- Stephan, Paula, Franzoni, Chiara and Scellato, Giuseppe International Competition for PhDs and Postdoctoral Scholars: What Does (and Does Not) Matter. Innovation Policy and the Economy. Volume 15, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge (MA), 2014.

- Franzoni, Chiara, and Francesco, Lissoni. Academic entrepreneurship: critical issues and lessons for Europe” in Varga A. (Ed.), Edward Elgar, pp.163-190, Cheltenham (UK), 2009, ISBN 9781845429317. [book chapter]

- Calderini, Mario, and Chiara, Franzoni. Patenting in Public Research: an evidence-based reflection on IPR and the basic-applied trade-off in Santangelo G.D. (Ed.), The Nature of Technological Change and the Role of Science and Multinationals in Catching-up Processes, Edward Elgar, pp.59-71, Cheltenham (UK), 2005 ISBN 1845424824.


Press coverage of research

Science, February 20, 2015

Symmetry, February 19, 2015

Nature jobs, December 4, 2013

Courrier International (Le Monde), April 22, 2013

Die Zeit, April 18, 2013

Corriere della Sera, October 28, 2012

Nature, October 18, 2012

IEEE Spectrum, September 22, 2012

Times Higher Education, May 24, 2012

Inside Higher Education, May 15, 2012

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