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Politecnico di Milano

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P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 32 - 20133 - Milano

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Professore Ordinario


Full Professor of Marketing at Politecnico di Milano.

Vice-Rector for China, Rector’s Delegate for Russian Federation, CEO of Polimilano Educational Consulting Ltd – the company set up by Politecnico di Milano to deploy post graduate education and technology transfer projects in China – and Chairman of Explora – the NewCo (created by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Lombardy Region and Expo Ltd.)  aimed at promoting internationally the Italian touristic offer associated to Expo 2015 Milan. He is Research Fellow at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Honorary Advisor of the Advanced Management Program in Fashion and Luxury - Tsinghua University, Beijing. Member of the Scientific Committee of Fondazione Altagamma and Osservatorio Asia. In China, he launched several research, training and technology transfer projects; among them: a Research Centre on the Chinese Exhibition and Convention Industry (together with Antai College of Economics and Management), many executive courses dealing with Luxury Brand Management and Digital Marketing together with Tongji University.

He is expert in business strategies and marketing. At the beginning of his career, he focused on the analysis of competitive and managerial implications resulting from the deployment of green strategies. More recently, his studies are devoted to the analysis of the impact of ICTs on Marketing and to branding strategies in a global world. He also devoted a specific attention to the following topics: design and management of valuable experiences for the end-market and Marketing 2.0, where he analyses the impact of Internet and social networks on companies’ communication strategies and business models in media industry. He chairs Research Labs aimed at investigating changes taking place in the relationship between a company and its market and public institutions and their target audience; he also advises several companies operating in Italy and in China. Accordingly, he is the scientific director of the following Labs: Multichannel Marketing, Media Convergences, e-Government and Political Web Reputation.

In the technology transfer field, he was the scientific director of several projects aimed at:


  • -Training top managers of Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination;
  • Setting up the territorial marketing plan of Milan Municipality in 2008;
  • Designing and digitising supply chain relations in the textile industry (TextileBusiness e I-Cast) e nel contesto metalmeccanico (MetalC); introducing e-government practices in Italian public institutions (ComOnLine, Comon.Net,Clicc@servizi);
  • Identification – on behalf of Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – of guidelines for the introduction of ICTs in Italian textile and mechanics districts;
  • Design and implementation of multichannel marketing strategies for several Italian and multinational corporations.

In 2009 and 2010, he was the Italian speaker at the World Conference of Textile Manufacturing Foundation.

He is the author of several books and articles, published in international scientific journals, some of which have been awarded as the best essays of the year at the international level. Among his most recent publications, there are: “Mobile Marketing. Beyond Apps…for an effective multichannel strategy” and “Marketing reloaded. How to co-create multichannel experiences”.

He is commentator of TG1 (RAI), TG2 (RAI), RaiNews24 (RAI), SkyTg24, Bloomberg TV, France Press, Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, Radio24 and Class CNBC.

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