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Federico Frattini is Associate Professor at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, where he was Assistant Professor from 2008 to 2014. He is Director of the Evening Executive MBA, Director of the Flexible Executive MBA and Director of the Digital Learning Division at MIP, the Business School of Politecnico di Milano. At MIP, Federico Frattini is also Scientific Coordinator of the Master MIT in Open Innovation and Knowledge Transfer, Coordinator of the Strategy Area and Member of the Management Committee.

His research interest is in technology and innovation management, with a particular focus on renewable energies and green markets. He is Vice Director of the Energy & Strategy Group of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, which is involved in research, consultancy and teaching in the field of renewable energies, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency ( On these topics, he has consulted leading firms such as ENI, Enel, Siemens, GDF-Suez, General Electric, Hitachi, E.on, and many others.

Federico Frattini has authored more than 150 books and articles published in international journals, edited books and conference proceedings. He is also ad hoc reviewer for journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, Research Policy, Journal of Product Innovation Management and many others.

In 2013 he was nominated among the Top 50 Authors of Technology and Innovation Management worldwide by the International Association for Management of Technology.

In August 2014, Federico Frattini was nominated Honorary Researcher at the University of Lancaster Management School.

Federico Frattini is member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Business Chemistry and of the Scientific Panel of ISPIM, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management. He is also Guest Editor for the Special Issue on "Management Research on governance, Ownership and Innovation: Opening Up the Agenda to Family Firms" of the Journal of Product Innovation Management and for the Special Section on “Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Family Firms: in Search for New Practices, Strategies and Organizational Solutions” of California Management Review.


Some recent publications:

  • Di Minin, A., Frattini, F., Bianchi, M., Bortoluzzi, G., Piccaluga, A. (2014). Die Talentfabrik, Harvard Business Manager, forthcoming.
  • Chrisman, J.J., Chua, J.H., De Massis, A., Frattini, F. and Wright, M. (2014). The ability and willingness paradox in family firm innovation, Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming.
  • Kotlar, J., Fang, H, De Massis, A. and Frattini, F. (2014). Profitability goals, control goals, and the R&D investment decisions of family and non-family firms, Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming.
  • Bianchi, M., Frattini, F., Lejarraga, J. and Di Minin, A. (2014). Technology exploitation paths: combining technological and complementary resources in new product development and licensing, Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming.
  • Kotlar, J., De Massis, A., Fang, H, Frattini, F. (2014). Strategic Reference Points in Family Firms, Small Business Economics, forthcoming.
  • Colombo, G., Dell’Era, C. and Frattini, F. (2014). Exploring the Contribution of Innovation Intermediaries to the New Product Development (NPD) Process: a Typology and an Empirical Study, R&D Management, forthcoming.
  • Frattini, F., Bianchi, M., De Massis, A. and Sikimic, U. (2014). The Role of Early Adopters in the Diffusion of New Products: Differences Between Platform and Non-Platform Innovations, Journal of Product Innovation Management, forthcoming.
  • Bianchi, M., Frattini, F. and Sikimic, U. (2014). The Management of Technology Out-Licensing: Strategic and Organizational Challenges, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, forthcoming.
  • Kotlar, J., De Massis, A., Frattini, F., Fang, H. and Bianchi, M. (2013). Technology Acquisition in Family and Non-Family Firms: a Longitudinal Analysis of Spanish Manufacturing Firms, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 30, No. 6, pp. 1073–1088.
  • Frattini, F., Dell’Era, C. and Rangone, A. (2013). Launch decisions and the early market survival of innovations: an empirical analysis of the Italian mobile Value Added Services (VAS) industry, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 30, No. S1, pp. 174–187.
  • Cassia, L., De Massis, A., Frattini, F. and Pizzurno, E. (2013). Product innovation management in family vs. non-family firms: an exploratory analysis, Journal of Small Business Management, Vol. 51, No. 1.
  • Chiesa, V., Frattini, F. (2011). Commercializing technological innovation: learning from failures in high-tech markets. Journal of Product Innovation Management, Vol. 28.
  • Di Minin, A., Frattini, F. and Piccaluga, A. (2010). Fiat: Open Innovation in a downturn (1993-2003), California Management Review, Vol. 52, No. 3.
  • Chiesa, V., Frattini, F. (2009). Evaluation and Performance Measurement of Research and Development: Techniques and Perspectives for Multi-Level Analysis, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.

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