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Full Professor of Economics of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance

Deputy Director for Research, Accreditations and Rankings at the School of Management, Politecnico di Milano.

Head of the Entrepreneurship, Finance and Innovation Research Group.

In person: Office 3:01. School of Management. Via R. Lambruschini 4b, Milan, ITALY.


The scientific activity of Massimo G. Colombo is mainly in the area of Entrepreneurship, Economics of Innovation, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurial Finance. His current research interests include:

  • the economics of organizational design;
  • entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance: founders’ characteristics, external financing, and the post-entry performances of entrepreneurial ventures;
  • strategic alliances, acquisitions and open innovation: firm-, industry-, and country-specific determinants of alliances; alliance governance; technological collaborations and R&D investments; implementation of high-tech acquisitions;
  • the diffusion of advanced technologies and organizational innovations, and their impact on the structure and strategies of firm.



2003-now  Full Professor of Economics of Technical Change, Politecnico di Milano.

2007-2012 Chair of the Doctoral Program in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

1994-2002 Full Professor of Applied Economics, Università di Pavia.

1992-1993 Associate Professor of Industrial Economics, Politecnico di Milano.

1984-1991 Researcher, National Research Council (CNR), Center of System Theory.



He has served as Principle Investigator, Scientific Coordinator and Chair of the Steering Committes in numerous research grants of the European Commisison, the Italian National Research Council (CNR), the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR), and various other private and public institutions. Among these are worth mentioning:

- Scientific Coordinator, FP7-VICO “Financing entrepreneurial ventures in Europe: Impact on innovation, employment growth, and competitiveness”;

- Principle Ingestigator, FP6-PICO  “Academic entrepreneurship from knowledge creation to knowledge diffusion”;

- Coordinator group, EC-DG XII, "Prospective Dossier n. 2 "Globalisation of Economy and Technology", Fast-Monitor project;

- Steering Committee, EC-DG Research: “Mergers and acquisitions and science and technology policy”;

- Principle Investigator, CNR “The determinants of the post-entry performances of new firms in ICT industries.

He has also served in the Expert Groups of the European Commission on “Entrepreneurship in higher education institutions” and has conducted consultancy work for governmental departments and international institutions.









Massimo G. Colombo is author (or co-author) of nine books and more than 70 publications in international scientific journals, among which the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Entrepreneruship Theory & Practice, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Industrial Economics, Economics Letters, Research Policy, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy and Small Business Economics. 

He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Small Business Management and member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Management Studies, the Journal of Technology Transfer and the Entrepreneurship Research Journal.

Below is a list of his latest 5 publications (see CV for full list)

- Colombo, M.G., Franzoni, C., Rossi Lamastra, C., “Internal social capital and the attraction of early contributions in crowdfunding”, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, forthcoming.

- Battisti, G., Colombo, M.G., Rabbiosi, L., “Simultaneous versus sequential complementarity in the adoption of technological and organizational innovations: the case of innovations in the design sphere”, Industrial & Corporate Change, forthcoming.

- Bonaccorsi, A., Colombo, M.G., Guerini, M., Rossi Lamastra, C., “The effect of Higher Education Institutions on the creation of new firms: Offering comprehensive evidence on the Italian case”, Small Business Economics, forthcoming

- Colombo, M.G., De Massis, A., Piva, E., Rossi Lamastra, C., Wright, M., “Sales and Employment Changes in Entrepreneurial Ventures with Family Ownership: Empirical Evidence from High-tech Industries”, Journal of Small Business Management, 2014 52(2), 226–245

- Colombo, M.G., Croce, A., Guerini, M., “Does informal risk capital relax the financial constraints of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures?”, Applied Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letters, 2014, 21 (5), 335–339.


He currently teaches Economics of Technical Change and High-tech Start-ups to the students of the MS programs of Politenico di Milano.

He teaches Economics of Innovation and Industrial Economics at the MBA, Executive MBA and Advanced Master programs of MIP Business School.

He also teaches Economics of Innovation at the Ph.D programs of Politecnico di Milano and he is Coordinator of the EIASM Doctoral Seminar on Economics and Management of Innovation.

In the past he tought courses in Industrial Economics, Applied Economics and Applied Econometrics at the Bachelor and Master level.

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